10 Amazing Super Foods On The Planet For Weight Loss That You Should Eat Now

6. Avocados

They are best fillers for the stopping the craving. They help on losing the weight in high levels. They are kind of better options for stopping the hunger. They can be consumed with the combination of salads. It is very easy to make smoothies or salads with the help of avocados. When you are making smoothies cut the sugar ass some honey in it.

7. Bananas

One of the best foods for losing weights is bananas. They have some of the best minerals like magnesium, potassium and so many which helps in burning the fat in a speedy mode. It is very important for people to stick with bananas for losing weight within just few weeks.
Slice the banana with the cereal or oats which you are consuming in the morning which will provide enough energy to start up your day.

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